Can someone please support my/our education?

Name: Unnati Sharma

Registration Number: 1380

Age and Sex: 4.5 Years old Girl

Explanation:  Unnati is suffering from a feet defect from very beginning. She is handicap by her left feet. She is 4 years old and qualifies for being in the 1st class. Her father and mother are uneducated and therefore, could not find any job. Dipesh (her father) has a very small mobile shop (It is called “Thela shop” in Indian system) and mother is house wife.

They have three children and her father barely earns enough to feed his family (5 members, 2 daughters and one son) and was not able to send her into school.

Attending school on one hand is securing her future career while on the other hand building her self-confidence to become strong-self-confident women of tomorrow.

Name: Vashu Verma

Registration Number: 1549

Age and Sex: 08-03-2005, Boy

Explanation:  A few year ago, father of Vashu passed away due to heart attack, leaving 6 children and a huge depth (due to last minute treatment in hospital) behind. Sibling of 4 sisters and 1 brother, he is the youngest in the family. Due to poverty, education, elders siblings are also supporting mother by doing some cleaning, labor jobs but somehow all hardly manage to feed family and does not earn enough to send children into the school.

Name: Pradeep Kumar

Registration Number: 1343

Age and Sex: 20-04-2004 and Boy

Explanation:  Father of Pradeep died recently. He belongs to an illiterate, and extremely poor family. After the death of father (who was the only source of  income for family), he had to stop school and start child labor to support his mother.

Presently he is serving Chai/Tea at some local hotels. It will be great if with your support, he can study and develop his career.

Name: Ruvi

Registration Number: 1378

Age and Sex: 01-07-2007 and Girl

Explanation:  Ruvi belongs to a very conservative Muslim family and her parents wanted her to study “Muslim religion books” and stay at home and learn cooking, cleaning etc. In her parents view she is a girl and she should learn to be lady to cook, make children and take care her future husband and kids.

I could convince them to let her study sothat can develop both at mental level as well can also build self-confidence to be a “Proud women of tomorrow”. Especially Hanisha (her mother) helped me to convince her father to let her study sothat she can become a better women J.

Though the parents are extremely poor. Only her father works and mother is a house wife. They are willing to send her to school if they do not need to pay anything for it (his father can not afford to send her to school).

Name: Saloni Bharti

Registration Number: 1326

Age and Sex: 03-10-2002 and Girl


Belonging to a Schedule Cast and extremely poor family, Saloni is not able to join the school. Her parents are working as street cleaners and unable to pay for her education.

Belonging to untouchable/SC (in stupid Indian cast system), they have been discriminated. 

It will be great if Saloni can study and stand up on her feet as a strong women of future.