Volunteer & Internships

 We accept volunteer and interns from all over the world. If would like to work at ground level and support a project for a good cause, please send us a letter of motivation and CV at office@poorchildeducationsupport.com


We offer following possibility to volunteer/interns to support our project. You can support in one or more than one topics, depending on your qualification, experience and our requirements. 


We welcome you to volunteer (also internship) with us to

  • Teach our children in daily classes (Language, Science, Math, Arts, Creativity)
  • Teach our children music
  • Teach foreign language courses for children
  • Teach or do Yoga and Ayurveda with the children
  • Teach sports and game classes
  • Offer self-concentration and self-confidence build-up training
  • Help us to develop and improve our methods of child education
  • Help us with the daily management
  • Help to maintain our children database and budget issues
  • Field work

Our internships and volunteer positions are tailored to specific expertise of the person. 

Duration: 1- 6 months

Location: North India (1 hour from Jim Corbett National Park and Himalaya Foothills)

Accommodation & Food:  Provided


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Current Opening: Experienced Fund Raiser