New Project: School under construction

We have recently received a piece of land which we can use to building a new school building. The land is located in Thakurdwara city.  We are looking for sponsors to make our dream realize for building up this new schools. Some  features are below:

-We got 700 m2 land in Thakurdwara (a small city in North India)

-We would like to start construction from July 201

-Looking for donations to continue 


Goals Of The School 

-    Aim is to provide more than 300 children education, where a beautiful mixture children from different back ground, religion, age and castes is planned. 

-  The education will be a coeducation, this means both girls and boys will study together.

-   Girls will be given priority for admission.

-   Caste, religion, economic and social status will have no influence

-   High quality of class rooms

-   Computer education

-   English medium education

-   Foreign languages (English and German)

       -   Environmental education

-   Yoga and meditation

-   Library facility

-   Cultural activities

-   We are open for any suggestion to make the school a better place for motivation and education for children.

We are looking for financial support for building construction :)

New Project 2: Upgrading & Increasing School Capacity


We are looking for financial support for building construction :)

This school provide education to mainly girls. We have recently build two rooms in this school and therefore, will be able to provide education to 40 additional children.  We are looking for support in order to buy furniture, black boards, study material, computers and small repairs in this buildings sothat 40 more children can get education. 

School 1: Home for Children in Moradabad dist. (U.P.)

Back Ground Information:  In this school, a mix of "Vedas" and "Modern Education" is provided. School is based on Hindu religion culture. Veda/Hindu culture  oriented modern education system offers children a vegetarian schooling where children are not only learning fundamentals of education but also fundamentals of "life and human value". Children learn to meditate, pray,  yoga and learn family values. As this new education system represents a high quality, children in this school represents a beautiful mix of Hindu-Muslim-Christian-Sikh societies.

In this school, we celebrate Holi, Diwali, Eid, Lohri and Christmas together :).

School 2: School Near Kashipur (Uttrakhand)

Back Ground Information:  The school is located in an area dominated by cast discriminated, extremely poor (slums) and labor working people. Because of cast discrimination, poverty and illiteracy, children of this community were not accepted in schools, therefore, we started a school here and providing education to several children.

The school facilities are very basics but we are making best use of anything we have and therefore, looking for supporters who can help us upgrade the school and teaching facilities. Presently in this school, there is no computer education.

We maintain high quality education with very basic facilities, which makes children to score very high in subjects like maths and science. Children in this school represents a beautiful mix of children from several casts and of Hindu-Muslim-Christian-Sikh societies.

School 3: Home for Girls in Uttara Pradesh (U.P.)

Back Ground Information: The school is located in "Muslim dominated community". In Muslim families, female (girls, women) often do not have equal rights (compared to boys). The girls are sent to study "Holi books only" and afterward meant to learn cooking, house hold stuffs and serve their families (before marriage, parents and after marriage, her husband). This system, does not let them get appropriate education and become a self-confident women. 

Therefore, we started this school where priority is to teach girls and educate them sothat they learn about their rights, study and have a chance to develop career and become a self-confident-strong-women of future. This school aims to provide education to those (specially girls) who due to any region (conservative patents, poverty, orphan etc) can not study. Education system includes Co-Education (boys and girls mixed), female health (for girls), computer education, environmental education, yoga and meditation.

Children in this school represents a beautiful mix of Hindu and Muslim and we celebrate Holi, Diwali, Eid, Lohri and Christmas together :).

School 4: School in Rural Area

Back Ground Information:  A a mix of "Vedas" and "Modern Education" is provided. School is located in suburb area in U.P.  Education systems on one hand provide children a strong foundation based on modern education on the other hand provide them information and support to quality for reputed scholarships and prepare them for entrance exam of the University.

School 5: Supporting education via 8 schools

Presently we are supporting education of 93 children via 8 schools which are located in North India. Several children are getting supported by free education, school study materials, cloths, shoes, medicines, vaccination  and anything they need to study and build up their career.

The main aim is to provide education to those children who can not afford it.  Some impressions are presented in the following photos :)