Our Supporters

Thanks to our supporters in recognition of their extremely valuable support to many poor children and their families.

S. DiCarmen (Germany)

CEO/Managing Director, Brighton Verlag® & Brighton Events®

Though borne and grew up in Germany, Indian has always been in my heart. I have visited Indian several times and experienced real India where on one corner of a street, millionaires lived while on other corner poor children sleeps hungry.
India is a country with huge potential to grow if the younger are properly educated. Due to poverty millions of children never go to school.
Therefore when I got to know this project, I immediately decided to be a part of it and I am very happy to support it. I am proud to see how a small contribution from us, changes the life of a child.

Verein Hand in Hand für Hilfe vor Ort-Austria

Thank you Inge and Christian.

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L. M. Schreiner &  J. Koller (Austria)

Founder and CEO, HoH Childcare- Austria

We both grew up in Austria. For the first time we met at a Secondary College for Tourism in 2003. We became friends through our mutual interest in Ancient Egypt. After our graduation in 2008, Lisa went to India for 6 months to volunteer at SADDAC, an orphanage in Daund. After falling for the culture and the people, she visits India once a year to support SADDAC. At the moment she is doing her Bachelor Studies for „Languages and Cultures in South Asia and Tibet“. Before Jacky started her “African Studies” at Uni Wien she went to Tanzania for 3 months to volunteer in a children's home for babies. Since 2013, after the founding of our own NGO „Haven of Home – Childcare“, we are supporting and planning projects with SADDAC (Social Action for the Development of Displaced and Abandoned Children) in India. Our first big project was a solar installation at the roof of the children’s home for hot water.

Vijay offered us a cooperation with DharaPCES, which we happily accepted - because we share the idea of making a change in the world together :)

C. Möstl (Austria)

CEO- Lebens  Art-Austria

I am Lina, 36 years old, Life.Art Trainer, and owner of Lebens.Art Die Kunst zu leben Seminar und Mental Training. In english: The Art Of Life Seminar & Mental Training. A societies welfare, globally is very important to me. This project is so increasingly valuable to me, why I love to support it. This is mutual depending to my kind of work, also. I love what I practice. I offer Life.Art seminars and personal mental training to better YOUR life, to find YOUR "why", YOUR core values to define YOUR integrity, authority, identity, sustainability. For YOU, with YOUR team, for YOUR entity. To boost YOUR career, YOUR relationships and YOURSELF, by booting characters to get leaders abilities in every lifeparts. http://www.lebensart.biz

S. Lanzerstorfer (Austria)

CEO- APAC GmbH-Austria

Borne and grew up in Austria and presently working as CEO at APAC GmbH-Austria. I visited India in year 2010. During my trip I got a change to experience real India where thousands of children beg at street for food and enter into child labour/never have a chance to attend school. In lack of social system, these children never get a chance to enjoy their child hood and undergo education.The situation is even more serious when it comes to girls. Often in uneducated rural families, girls are supposed to learn household stuffs (cooking, cleaning, taking care of others etc) and therefore, are often left behind when it comes to go to school.
When I got to know this project, I immediately decided to be a part of it and I am very happy to support it. I am proud to see how a small contribution from us, changes the life of a child.
"I believe, educating a girl means education of the whole next generations".