„Poor Child Education Support (PCES) emerged as results of my good friendship with my friends and similarities in our thinking to educate those children who cannot effort their education.


I could not do anything alone but thanks to all my friends that finally we did it together.

                                                                      Thanks to all of you.“ Dr Vijay K Verma


We give back a part of a lighthearted childhood to our children. 


A good education is the foundation for a happy future.


Loving Caring helps children to recognize their self-worth and to develop a healthy self-esteem. 


Lightheartedness, education and trusting relationships are the foundation of a truly happy life.

our story

More than 10 years back Vijay made the decision to take over the costs of the education of a girl from his home village. Happily fulfilled by the gratefulness of this girl he set the goal to convince his friends to take sponsorships to provide a good education for more children. Due to the tireless commitment of Vijay and his friends the circle of helping hands kept increasing and more and more children got the change of a solid school education to create a better life.

2015 the project got the official status of a registered association in Austria to reach even more people with our wonderful project in future. We want to thank you by all of our heart for your support, you are the reason that our work is possible!

> 360

children are currently studying in our schools

> 1000

children have been supported


schools are in operation

Dhara PCES Team

Dr. Vijay K Verma

Founder and Chairman

I grew up in a small city in the north of India. After having finished my studies (PhD-Energy Engineering-Belgium), I decided to broaden the scope of my support for poor children in India.

For the last several years, I have been supporting the education of a few children but I never had the courage to do it at big level.

At present I am working in Austria as a Senior Energy Engineer and supporting more than 93 children in India for a better future. I am looking forward to support many more.


Psychological assessment

I’m a psychologist and for the last 8 years I’ve been dreaming of changing the world. It’s a very ambitious aim and I needed to start somewhere, so I wanted to help children and young adolescents who were not so lucky in their lives.

One important point are the child’s resources. The child needs to know what it’s resources are and how to strenghten them – because they are empowering.

The team of Dhara PCES has the same aim as me: It wants to change the world with education, protection and a chance for every single child to prosper. It’s a powerful start! I am very proud to be a member of this team!

Stefan Matl

Event Manager

Since studying music it has been very important to me to promote intercultural dialogue with my instrument, the accordion, musically. One of my many trips, motivated by wanting to get to know other cultures, led me to India. The prevalence of the local social injustices and above all the poverty of many children left a lasting impression on me. As a member of the Dhara-team, I now have the opportunity to give some Indian children a future perspective by enabling education.



Budget Manager

I grew up in Austria and got to know more about India the first time through Yoga and Ayurveda and its inspiring philosophy which fascinated me from the first moment. I came in touch with modern India and was fascinated by its beautiful nature and felt deeply moved by its ingrained spirituality. At the same time I felt the inconsistency of this huge country which appears in its social structures and the social interactions.


I´m very grateful to be part of this wonderful team and hope to contribute a small part to the future of the children of India.



I was born and brought up in Oslo, Norway and I’m holding Management degree from BI, Norway. I strongly believe one of Mother Teresa’s quotes „It’s not how much we give but how much love we put into giving“. I am joining hands to give educational support to poor children in India. Presently I am CEO at SS Naturstein AS-Lier-Norway.


Dr. Hao Li

Responsible for sending updates 

I was born and grew up in China and did PhD study in Germany and Austria. 
I got to know about Dhara PCES when I was living in Vienna. Vijay was my friend and he told me one day about the charity he initiated in his Thakurdwara, his hometown. In 2018 I took a trip to the school in Thakurdwara and taught for several weeks in the schools. No matter being shy or not, our lovely children there are really passionate about learning. I was also deeply touched by our teachers there. Despite of very basic infrastructure, facilities and low resources, they are still doing their best to provide our children a good education.



I grew up in Gujarat and graduated as an engineer. I did MBA from Olso University-Norway and at present I am working here and living in Lier (Norway). I am helping Vijay’s to gather some fund for these children. I am presently working as “Product Manager” at PG Marine- Norway and CEO of Stone center- Norway




I grew up in Ghaziabad. I am a commerce graduate specialized in software engineering. Presently I am developing my skills in business administration as an MBA (HR) student from Karnataka University. I am helping in the field work of PCES.


Balwant Singh Sehra

volunteer - Technical Advisor

Balwant Singh SEEHRA born in New Delhi , India in , holds Bachlor; B-Com in Delhi University. 

In 1974 visited his uncle in CANADA , USA ,for three month tour back to India, 1975 setteled in Austria where in 1989 studyed during working as welder &

Mashinist studied 2 yrs in Vienna, evening school for Masters as metalworker

& Blacksmith.

In 1993 started as selfemployer with 4 workers in Construction Field as Febricator. In 2017 got retirement, before getting retirement started Making contacts with some NGOs in India,& started my own factory to finance my social activities as Technical Advisor.