Volunteering in our Schools

Get active and support us directly in one of our schools in India!

Since long time you have the wish to visit India? And you would really like to use this travel to help others, to truly experience Indian culture and to support the education of socially disadvantaged children?


Our children would love to get to know you, study, play, sing, meditate or practice yoga with you :)


The minimum stay requires 4 weeks. You can stay in a guestroom in one of our schools. When facing any problems or having questions you can always contact one of our teachers or volunteer supporters of our society on site - all are looking forward to make your stay as comfortable as possible for you.


Costs for accommodation and food:

Shared room: 300 Euro/month

Separate room: 400 Euro/month

Duration of stay: minimum 1 month and can be extended up to maximum 6 months. 


In addition, we are happy to arrange your pick up and from from Delhi Airport. The travel costs are to be borne by yourself. We are pleased to help you to organise the travel.

During your stay, you becomes a part of Dhara PCES family and participate in several activities actively e.g. Cooking, Cleaning, Teaching in classes, Language class, Educational trips, Plantation of new plants and Gardening, Yoga class, Daily management and any other activities based on your expertise.

Simply send us an email at office@poorchildeducationsupport.com and we are happy to support you further. 

Impressions of Volunteering activities-In India

teaching in the classes

plantation of trees

environmental field work (river and city cleaning)

field and educational trips

Impressions of Volunteering activities-In Austria

help in fund raining events organizations

if you´re interested or have any further questions we would like to hear from you:

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